Warranty Policy

No refunds or exchanges will be accepted after 30 days of the original purchase date. After 90 days from the original purchase date, products are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. Auto Parts Direct Limited reserves the right to refuse returns.

Unless otherwise stipulated below, your rights in cases of material defects and defects of title are covered by the provisions of the law.

Warranty rights for new items expire for consumers within two years. In the case of used items, they will expire within one year following the transfer of risk.

If a warranty claim is submitted, you will be entitled to choose to assert your right to have the defect remedied or to have defect-free goods delivered (subsequent performance). If the manner of subsequent performance selected incurs disproportionately high costs, the claim will be restricted to the remaining type of subsequent performance. We will inform you of this as appropriate.

If you claim installation and/or dismantling costs with regard to the replacement at a garage of a new part supplied by us as a result of liability for material defects, we would ask you to submit the original invoices, receipts, etc., as the garage services will be reimbursed by us if the warranty claim is accepted. Please make sure that the invoice only shows work that is directly connected with remedying the defect (i.e. no external services on the invoice). Furthermore, the cost of labour should show a breakdown of the number of hours worked.

In the case of business customers, liability for defects for used items is ruled out. This will not apply to gross negligence or intent. For new items, warranty rights will expire within a year following the transfer of risk.

Purely for the purposes of clarity, we wish to point out that the following circumstances do not justify or constitute material defects if they are the cause of the defect:

  • – natural wear and tear; 
  • improper use;
  • inadequate or incorrect care of the goods;
  • unsuitable or improper use;
  • incorrect installation, in particular, if the part ordered is clearly not the right one;
  • failure to observe instructions for use;
  • incorrect treatment/handling.
  • Checking the accuracy of fit

We wish to point out that, despite all due care, incorrect deliveries may occur in individual cases. Before installing a part, you have bought, you are therefore obliged to check it visually by comparing it with the original part being replaced as to whether the part ordered is actually suitable for your car, for example, whether drill holes and connections match. If the part you have bought differs in dimensions, shape, or material/s from the original part being replaced, please contact us for further clarification before the part you have bought is installed, adapted, or modified, e.g. painted. Your warranty rights will not be affected by this provision.

If there is a separate manufacturer’s guarantee to which you may have recourse along with the warranty, this will be shown in each product description. This guarantee applies only to the specific product and your claims will be based on the guarantee conditions of the manufacturer and addressed to this manufacturer only.

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