Gloveworks HD Textured Blue Latex Examination Gloves are made with healthcare professionals in mind. They are extra-thick at 13 mils, more than triple the thickness of standard latex exam gloves, for added barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants. Measuring 12 inches from fingertip to cuff, this glove is more than 2 inches longer than standard medical gloves, providing ultimate protection for your wrist and lower forearm. They excel in demanding environments, holding up longer for laboratory technicians and others who need extra resistance to chemicals. Latex has excellent elasticity for a perfect fit, with less resistance that can cause hand fatigue. Powder-free to avoid messy residue. Well-suited across the healthcare spectrum, for non-sterile medical, dental, and laboratory applications and non-surgical procedures.

If you are purchasing more than 15 cases of product, pallet delivery will be needed. You must have the proper equipment such as a liftgate, and an equipped facility to accept the pallet delivery within a timely period.

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